Movie Review: ‘Henry & Me’ Is For The Whole Family

A complete entertainer for the entire family, ‘Henry & me’ is an inspirational animation movie with a strong message. Revolving around the life of a little boy Jack (voice of Austin Williams), the movie takes us through his love for baseball. With supportive father and loving mother, while Jack enjoys his time at sports, an unfortunate life-changing trouble grips him in its catch.

Available for the audience through Video on Demand and Digital HD from August 9th, 2016 ‘Henry & me’ will truly touch the chords of heart. Voice of vocal talents and charm of animated pictures decorate the flow of this movie that entertains, right till the end.

Besides offering entertainment for the family, ‘Henry & me’ strives to deliver a powerful message for all. A message that talks about staying happy and motivated amidst difficulties and challenges, this movie can inspire each one with its interesting charm. By depicting Jack’s troubles while fighting a severe illness, the story focusses on the need to never give up. Though challenges may raise their ugly heads along the path, the movie stresses on safeguarding hope and patience. Jack suffers an illness that takes away all his energy and spirit. While giving up his game and staying on the hospital bed, Jack’s poor condition seems totally true, connecting with the audience instantly.

Though Jack loses all his hope for the future, a magical experience takes him to the world of his favorite team ‘Yankees.’ Mysterious entry of a stranger Henry (voice of Richard Gere) brings series of unexpected adventures that color the course of his difficult journey. From magical train ride to Yankees stadium to presence of encouraging people all around, from teammates at the stadium playing the actual game to practice sessions on the field, as Jack gets the opportunity to experience each of these wonders, he learns the need to face his fears.

With medical treatment in the background, as Jack imagines these wonderful events in his life, the movie inspires us to believe in willpower. Though Jack’s health condition may not be in his own hands, words of Henry and other team players prompt him to fight back. While several players and supporters greet him in his thoughts to encourage his participation in the game, their words convey an important message for his real-life. As everyone motivate him to fight the game and save the score, Jack experiences enthusiasm to change his own situation.

Simple storyline, influential message, strong plot and wonderful imagination mark the flow of this movie that will definitely connect well with the audience. A must watch for children, ‘Henry & me’ can inspire them to keep going. As the movie takes Jack to the final game at the Yankees, his depleted energy and lost enthusiasm must return back to save the team. The only chance to take him back to his parents, Jack’s wonderful shots are the answers to all the troubles.

Will Jack refuse to play and lose his game easily?
Will Henry inspire him to continue the struggle?
Will the Yankees instill confidence in Jack?

Watch the movie for all these answers and enjoy the fantastic piece of animation. ‘Henry & me’ will definitely entertain you with Jack’s cute looks and Henry’s smart support!

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