Movie Review: ‘Hellions’

Review by Wesley Collins

Whenever I watch a film I always attempt to find out whether the story is being told in real time or not. The film Hellions, although direct definitely keeps the element of surprise and perspective on its side. As the film begins, we’re introduced to a seventeen-year-old high school senior named Dora. Dora appears as most high school seniors would. She indulges in pot occasionally, sleeps around without her parents consent and has a healthy disdain for education. On the afternoon of Halloween in her small and seemingly uninteresting town, Dora finds out she’s four weeks pregnant with her secret lovers child. Knowing this information throws Dora into a frenzy as she struggles with telling him, her mother who may tear her a new one and facing the reality that she’s no longer an adolescent but the mother of a life. As Halloween proceeds, Dora shows her disgust for the situation she’s now in and makes it very evident that this child is unwanted. What happens there after places Dora’s life and all those who attempt to protect her at risk.

Throughout the story, there are a plethora of abstract ideas presented as a result of Dora being pregnant with a child. The key to the story being the child is unwanted. Unbeknownst to Dora, due to her circumstance she accidently attracts what seems to be Demons whose job is to attack those who are pregnant with unwanted children and violently take the children away from them. Dora ends up in a whirlwind of murder, deception and self-reflection as she strives to stay alive against seemingly unbeatable odds.

Many things that occur in Hellions, at points overlap with things that have already happened which brings about perspective and whether Dora is actually experiencing these episodes or not. As the film progresses though, its clear Dora is smack dab in the middle of a life threatening house invasion by baby and blood seeking monsters. Albeit a unique way of story telling, at the core of the film it’s about a young woman at a crossroad in her life that doesn’t know which way to go. Dora is fearful of her unborn child and it’s quite ironic that she battles with the undead on a holiday in Halloween that’s tailor-made for the undead. The writers use all if this to illustrate how a young persons life can spin out of control when the proper decisions aren’t made in their lives. Dora verbalizes she doesn’t want her child and creatures come after her for what she doesn’t want. Almost like a lesson of sorts. That lesson being, don’t indulge in any behaviors where you’re not properly prepared for the possible outcomes. Hellions is a very spooky film that will have you itching to see what’s next. I very much enjoyed watching it and I believe anyone who loves a “page turner” so to speak will as well.

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