Movie Review: ‘Hedgehogs’

If you wish to enhance the holiday spirit with some exciting entertainment for the family, movie ‘Hedgehogs’ can pose as your perfect choice. With diverse animals, interesting characters, novel story and wonderful graphics, this animation movie has all the elements of an entertainer. Slated to release on December 15th, Hedgehogs is funny, lovely and ideal for the entire family. The story takes the audience through several daring, adventurous and humorous adventures of hedgehog ‘Bobby’, while he accidently separates from his folks in the wild.

As he struggles in a completely new environment, he makes some good friends along the way. His encounter with a pigeon ‘Hulbert’ takes him through an unexpected, yet colorful journey. With perfect amounts of comedy, moral, dialogues and pictures, the movie is able to form an instant connection with its viewers. Rather than being a predictable animation plot with just jokes and colors, this movie scores on the basis of its strong story. Adventures of Bobby and Hulbert present some interesting experiences and take-away messages for the audience. Powerful voices of the cast coupled with excellent efforts by the animators have culminated into a flawless final product for its viewers.

The movie teaches several significant aspects as the lost hedgehog attempts to find his purpose and identity in a novel world. Friendship, trust, honesty, humbleness, care and concern are some of the highlights to look forward to as the hedgehog and pigeon get connected through a strong bond of friendship. As the two make their way out of unexpected trap set in the human world, they must help each other for survival. The story touches some serious factors with a light hearted feel. With humor and laughter, this movie can teach, preach yet entertain at the same time.

From chaos in the scientific world of humans to simplicity and innocence of animals, from ties of friendship that connect two lives together to unexpected twist in situations, ‘Hedgehogs’ handles and presents it all in a fun-animated way. Whether Bobby succeeds in finding his purpose or loses it all to the power of humans and bad boys, the story catches grip as the plot strengthens. Colorful pictures and soothing music add several stars to this entertainer that definitely succeeds in its aim. With a simple story, yet powerful impact, ‘Hedgehogs’ can offer a perfect start for the holidays.

Watch this movie with family and friends and experience fun, laughter, love and innocence. As the naughty hedgehog and his pigeon buddy take you through an unexpected trail of surprises and challenges, you will definitely not regret it in any way.

In select theaters and on demand December 15 from Lionsgate.

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