Movie Review: ‘Hearts Beat Loud’

A fresh tale on relationships, family, music and passion, movie ‘Hearts Beat Loud’ is a nice change from the usual routine. Excellent acting with real-life essence, this story comes across as simple yet entertaining at the same time. It revolves around a father-daughter duo who do not seem to have the best kind of relationship but discover their bond through a unique experience. Focusing over music, ‘Hearts beat loud’ is all about following one’s passion. Success and dreams do not demand a fool proof plan from point A to B. All it needs is a desire to do what the heart says. This is what the movie manages to portray flawlessly along the length of its tale.

Directed by Brett Haley, the movie has excellent music scores and tunes to strengthen the tale. Music and songs by Keegan DeWitt add unique magic with original charm and a new age essence. Revolving around an affectionate father played by Nick Offerman (Frank Fisher), and his ambitious daughter played by Kiersey Clemons (Sam Fisher), both the actors have done an incredible job. Their acting pumps life into the characters who seem real and relatable at every level. An ambitious student who works hard to enter into medical school, Sam loves music and arts but does not see it as a future career for herself. While enrolled in a university across the country from her east coast house, Sam spends her summer preparing for the upcoming classes. Little does she know, her music loving father will come up with some last minute idea of a jam session?

As they play some music and record an original song, Frank’s interest in the new online world takes him through few experiments on the internet. While he hopes to spend quality time with his daughter before she goes off to school, Frank’s ideas and passion combine into something interesting. A tale of desires and ambitions, this is a new experience for the viewers. With excellent music and fresh songs, it forms an instant connection. ‘Hearts beat loud’ brings much needed novelty in music that sounds refreshing to the ears. Away from usual love story and predictable plot, this love-hate father-daughter bond with usual ups and downs is worth watching. It stands for a very strong message that age has no connection with passion. One can do what they want, when they want as an enthusiastic and hopeful father makes an honest attempt to create a band in new-age world of online music.

From a doubtful daughter who feels creating music with her dad is a useless idea to a passionate father who turns cheerful with the entire project, the tale is filled with numerous emotions and real-life adventures. The movie does not fall into the usual trap of turning larger than life, but keeps its simplicity intact all through the tale.

Watch this entertaining story of love, passion, music and bonds. ‘Hearts Beat Loud’ does beat louder with a tune that stays. In theaters Friday, June 8.

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