Movie Review: ‘Heartlock’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Lee Haze (Alexander Dreymon) is doing time for crimes that he committed with his girlfriend. The only thing that keeps him going is sending letters to her, but when he receives all of his letters back unopened, he wonders what’s going on. He hatches a plan to break out, but he needs help from someone he should not get help from. Continental (Erik LaRay Harvey) agrees to help Lee in exchange for help later on. Tera Sharpe (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is a correctional officer who used to go to school with Lee. When Lee decides to plan his escape to see his girlfriend, Continental tells him to use Tera to help him escape. It’s too bad that Lee and Tera fall in love and Continental wants to use her for other means.

This film is straight to the point and predictable, but not too bad to watch. You know that Tera’s going to be standoff-ish and then she suddenly falls for Lee and the circumstances with his girlfriend change, so it’s okay but he’s in the prison she works at, so it’s really not okay. You know that Continental is someone nobody should trust but everyone seems to come to him about solutions to their problems. When you owe Continental, it’s in a way you don’t want to owe him. The ending was predictable, but pointless. I think it was for dramatic value because no one in the prison is doing the “right” thing. What makes it an okay film to watch is that you’ve seen it before many times and one more time won’t hurt.

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