Movie Review: ‘Good Mourning Lucille’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Lucille’s twin sister, Rachel (Najarra Townsend), went missing six months ago and Lucille (also Najarra Townsend) invites her sister’s friends over to figure out what may have happened to her. In the vein of ‘Clue’, this dark comedy has everyone trying to figure out what happened to Rachel as it could only be one of her closest friends who knows the truth. It could be Jack (Richard Banker), Sonia (Brit Lauren Manor), Geneva (Sarah Connine) or Selma (Mercedes Le Anza), who all had reasons to be upset with Rachel. Madeline (Che Landon) comes along to support Sonia and Ristori (Eric Roberts) is there to get a juicy story for A&E.

It’s a little bit raunchy and more in the vein of screwball comedy. It doesn’t drag much as it is a short film. Eric Roberts steals every scene he’s in. It’s a film with a small budget, so don’t be shocked by cheesy music or lines. I didn’t like the ending because it felt like it could have had more of a wow factor, but I did laugh at how crazy it was. It seemed like everyone in the house had issues they needed to deal with and were handling them wrong. It’s not the greatest of films, but everything isn’t meant to be Oscar-worthy.

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