Movie Review: “And So It Goes” is a Generic Feel-Good Family Film

Rating: 2.5/5

Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton team up for the first time in a comedy that will warm your heart, but most likely escape your mind once you leave the theater.

Oren Little ( Douglas ) is a successful, self-centered realtor living in a somewhat secluded, peaceful home. But, his life is quickly turned upside down when his estranged adult son shows up out of the blue and drops a bomb on him. He is about go to jail for nine-months and needs his dad to look after his almost 10 year-old daughter, Sarah (Sterling Jerins). At first Oren is adamant that he won’t be looking after the granddaughter he never knew existed. Luckily, Leah (Diane Keaton), the kind, self-less next door neighbor steps in assuring Oren’s son that she will be in good hands. And so, begins a story you can probably already predict.

Love is not just felt for young Sarah; it is also spreading its way to an unlikely couple. Leah and Oren share a sweet romance, but not an exciting one. Michael Douglas definitely still has “it.” Charm, wit, class, he exudes all of it when he is on screen. Diane Keaton on the other hand offers some shrilling and quite annoying cries throughout the film. The cries aren’t as bad as they were in Something’s Gotta Give, but my gosh. Whoever thought the constant whiney sobs of woman are hilarious is seriously mistaken. Keaton plays a very likeable character and caring one at that, but somehow her moments of comedy failed to produce any real laughs. Douglas and Keaton have great chemistry as friends, but as lovers their relationship felt forced.

Though the romantic aspect of And So It Goes was weak, the family story-line was surprisingly enjoyable. Seeing Oren with his granddaughter or even his limited moments with his son can’t help but make you smile.

And So It Goes hardly stands out among the films currently in theaters, and I can’t even say it should be in your top choices to see this summer. However, if you are in the mood for a light, uplifting, and simple comedy, then I do recommend you sit back and enjoy this endearing story.

And So It Goes hits theaters July 25.

Susan Kamyab

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