Movie Review: ‘God’s Not Dead: A Light In Darkness’

An interesting title for a new-age movie, ‘God’s not dead: A light in darkness’ does turn interesting and engaging from the start. Third movie in the ‘God’s not dead’ series, this new project combines relations, religion, emotions and incidences into a powerful outcome. Slated to release on 30th March, 2018 – the movie strives to spread humanity, good vibes and positive message in today’s world of divided faith. More than a religious plot talking about a particular faith, the movie is designed to show power of sincere efforts, hard work, faith and unity. It addresses many general questions we all go through, while holding to a particular form of faith.

With talented cast, gripping story, engaging topics and relatable development, the movie comes to life. By depicting usual questions faced by younger generation when it comes to faith, religion, belief and outlook towards life, ‘God’s not dead: A light in darkness’ makes an attempt to answer some of them. Do we need a religion to do good for the society or does it divide us further and further apart are few things that the movie forces one to think about.

When St. James church standing strong inside a university is burned down following an unfortunate incident, Pastor Dave encounters series of unanswerable questions. While officials at the university opt for a safer option of not rebuilding the church, their decisions are met with several oppositions. Determined to find his way out, Pastor Dave must do everything he can to support the benefits of church. His journey to promote good vibes and positive charm of the church take him through several uncertainties, while all he strives for is peace and prosperity.

Whether he succeeds in his struggle to show the power of good or fails in an attempt to stand for a particular branch of faith give a strong backbone to the plot. The story instils curiosity to know what unfolds ahead. It also forces the audience to think what is the right approach here? Is it good to adopt a secular point of view to avoid unrest in a school or is it essential to recognize the hidden message of religion and spread the value in brotherhood, love and peace? In order to save the church, when Pastor Dave seeks legal help from his estranged atheist brother Pearce, it opens their old issues of childhood.

It demonstrates the fact that no matter what we believe in, at the end if things are backed with good motive, it is possible to turn the tables. Situations and circumstances bring out the good within us. As two brothers fight for their legal rights, while on the other hand university officials play their power in every way, the movie is laced with numerous twists and turns.

Exchange of dialogues between the two brothers pose as highlights of the movie as each represents two distinct sides of a coin. At times, things cannot be categorized into clear right or wrong. Appropriate choice is the option to pick, when each side seems correct in their own way.

Watch the movie for its hidden message, answers of faith, common questions we all face and the significance of circumstances. At the end, it is an inspirational and motivational piece for all.

GOD’S NOT DEAD: A LIGHT IN DARKNESS, scheduled to release in theatres next Easter on March 30.

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