Movie Review: ‘God’s Club’ Delivers A Powerful Message

A flawless interplay between faith, religion, relationships, emotions, forgiveness and hatred, ‘God’s Club’ is an amazing movie for the modern times. Set against the backdrop of young minds and their stand on religion in a secular state, the movie delivers a powerful message for its viewers. To be released on DVD and Digital HD from 1st March 2016, this Studio City Pictures production has touched a relevant topic for the generation of today. With excellent acting and gripping storyline, the movie has influential message for all its viewers. Though religion is the dominant theme, Director Jared Cohn and writer John Chadwell have ensured perfect depiction of emotions that can relate to individuals of any religion, caste, culture and nationality. By portraying a strong bond of attachment between daughter and father, the movie takes one closer to the magic of this relationship.

Revolving around the life of Michael Evens (Stephen Baldwin), the movie depicts his role as a teacher in a public high school. While his wife Christine Evens (Alison MacInnis), hopes to start a Bible club in the school, strong opposition by other parents on the grounds of religion, secularism, freedom and law bring difficult challenges on the way. Though Michael realizes their point of view and choses to convince her out of this unachievable task, unfortunate circumstances pull him towards the same club. After tragic death of his wife, as Michael refuses to resume his normal routine, words of encouragement from his daughter Rebecca (Bridget Albaugh) motivate him back towards the joy of living. With excellent shades of acting, Bridget Albaugh has done absolute justice to the role. The maturity portrayed by her character as a high school student is a wonderful aspect to look forward to.

Inspiring Michael to fulfil the dream of his wife, as Rebecca prepares her father for the start of this ‘God’s club’, transformation in Michael’s attitude and positivity in his defeated conduct highlight the reverse transfer of motivation from a daughter to father. Though Michael begins the club in the memory of his beloved wife, firm opposition by other parents, lack of interest among the participating students and fading support by the school management depict the troublesome course of his journey.

While dealing with the unshakeable attitude of separation between state and church, as Michael faces false accusation of brainwashing from parents Spencer Rivers (Lorenzo Lamas) and Littlefield (Rico Simonini) – his faith, motives, intentions and desires are subjected to intense opposition. Giving way to several fights, as Michael and his daughter experience anger, hatred, confusion and misunderstanding, the movie deals with a sensitive topic in a novel way. Though acts of vandalism, destruction, damage and revenge disturb their lives on several occasions, Rebecca’s strong faith and Michael’s shakable trust form excellent backdrop of the movie.

Interesting religious questions by enthusiastic young minds and Michael’s attempts to blend his teaching style for the interest of the club’s participants represent wonderful moments of the movie. With elements of her mother’s teachings and faith in the power of God, as Rebecca hopes to change the defeated attitude of her friend Victor Rivers (Nic Luken), the story adopts an interesting course. Hatred from fellow students that is born out of jealously, revenge and complicated angles of love add unusual twists to the tale.

Torn between his daughter’s safety, wife’s memories, fellow parents’ opposition and management’s interrogation, as Michael walks ahead on the path full of troubles, ‘God’s club’ highlights the power of ‘forgiveness’. While dealing with these challenges, consistent support of his daughter and strong trust in their relation steal the magic of this show.

Will Michael Evens fulfill the dream of his wife?
Will the ‘God’s club’ succeed in its work and experience enthusiastic participation?
Can Rebecca’s faith and trust in God change the attitude of her fellow class mates?

While these questions get their answers along its course, ‘God’s club’ is a wonderful movie in today’s world. Watch this movie for its talented cast, powerful message, firm bonds of relation and deep impact, after all God’s club is open for all!

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