Movie Review: ‘All Girls Weekend’

Let us begin with the positives. All Girls Weekend has an interesting premise: a group of old friends reunite for a weekend trip that locks them in a secluded forest and a fight for survival against a supernatural entity as well as each other. Sounds pretty good in theory, right? Unfortunately, that is where the positives end as the execution suffers from a snail’s pace, ineffective special effects, miscast actors and/or unlikeable characters, and a script that is sadly underdeveloped.

Four old high school friends meet up for a weekend getaway. Much to the chagrin of the other three, Nancy (Jamie Bernadette) arrives late with a new friend in tow, but the five of them begrudgingly head out together anyway. Along the way, they stop for a brief hike at the insistence of Daniela (Katie Carpenter). Of course, this turns out to have been a bad idea because they quickly realize they cannot find their way back to the car. In addition to strange noises and the appearance of corpses, they soon begin to suspect they are caught in a fabled curse as they start losing party members one at a time.

The cast is loaded with relative newcomers, with the possible exceptions of Bernadette and Carpenter, so any flaws in their acting abilities could be chalked up to inexperience. Unfortunately, it transitions over to their characters and makes the characters stale, unsympathetic, and/or absolutely annoying; like when they burst out laughing for no apparent reason or at wildly inappropriate times. They do not even project believable emotion, either grief or fear, when others start dying.

On the subject of dying, the death scenes are underwhelming at best, while some are just laughable; though I will give them credit for some unique death scenes- I have never before seen a death scene involving a pile of leaves. I imagine this movie had a very low budget, so I applaud the realistic, practical special effects, but the quick camera edits, rapid close-ups, and cutaways make them look even cheesier than they needed to be. The first death (not counting the death in the prologue) was so quick that it had me wondering if that character had actually died, and the remaining characters expressions didn’t really help (though their dialogue eventually does).

If you cannot tell yet, I did not like this movie very much and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It is slow and lacks any suspense that you might hope for in a horror/thriller. If you go to these types of movies for the death scenes, you will probably be disappointed in this movie. The only borderline interesting death scene is the last one, but for practical reasons, you don’t get to see much. The movie also has a few plot holes…

Spoiler warning

It is eventually revealed that Daniela brought their group to the woods so the entity in the woods could kill them. She explains that the entity would have killed her had she not. This leads me to question the entity’s power since a threat extending outside the forest holds weight. If it can kill someone who is outside the forest, why does it need someone to bring people there? Now, this can easily be explained by saying the entity literally wants blood, rather than the figurative meaning of death. But, what does it do if someone disobeys and it has to kill them without them bringing more blood sacks?

Yes, I have thought about this a bit; I did say the premise was interesting despite all the flaws. Even still, you would be better skipping this hike.

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