Movie Review: ‘Girl Flu’ Looks At The Transition From Girl To Woman In An Entertaining Way

By touching a totally novel subject with doses of fun, maturity, drama and relations; first-time writer and director Dorie Barton has done an incredible job. Based on the transition of a little girl into the world of womanhood, movie ‘Girl Flu’ depicts this interesting, yet awkward phase in an entertaining way. Though the journey from a carefree girl to a responsible teenager is just another experience for every individual, the movie presents the tale in an amazing mode. Revolving around a difficult week in the life of a 12-year old girl ‘Bird’ (Jade Pattyjohn), the storyline takes us through her experiences. With a free spirited single mom Jenny (Katee Sackhoff), as Bird moves to a new neighborhood in the city, she encounters several challenges in the process.

While dealing with her recent move from Reseda to Echo Park, occurrence of her first period during a school picnic changes her life completely. Combining several complicated experiences into one troubled phase introduce the realities of life. As Bird realizes the change in her normal course of life, her days filled with blood stains and cramps take her innocence away. Careless negligence from her mother add to the troubles, while Bird deals with it all alone. The movie depicts this usual topic in a different light, as every single girl deals with the sudden change in her life.

Smooth storyline, talented cast, excellent narration and simple backdrop mark the flow of this movie that portray these typical challenges in an entertaining way. The movie is able to connect with the audience as it takes them through the complicated feelings of a young girl. While dealing with new friends, neighborhood, school and experiences, as Bird toils to find her way, it appears realistic to the core.

The story depicts her quest to hunt for answers about womanhood and maturity. From mood swings to anger, happiness to frustration, ‘Girl Flu’ takes the viewers through this routine, yet different occurrence in a woman’s life. Completely unique in every way, this movie earns the credit of being first of a kind. The story weaves around the relationship between Bird and her mother. Though Bird reaches out to her mother during every single moment of sorrow, it depicts Jenny’s inability to handle her little daughter. From bitter fights to hateful words, fading connection to growing distance, the movie presents the picture between a single mother and her daughter.

‘Girl Flu’ takes the audience through Bird’s difficult journey as she looks around for comfort in this novel phase. Unique ceremony for the celebration of her first period forms one of the best highlights of the movie as it portrays this occurrence in a wonderful light. Complicated love angle between Jenny and Arlo (Jeremy Sisto) forms the underlying theme of the story, while Jenny hunts for her purpose of life. Deep bond of affection between Bird and Arlo is an interesting aspect that focuses on Bird’s wish for a balanced family.

A truly different tale for the audience of today, ‘Girl Flu’ is definitely worth watching. Wonderful job by a debut writer/director, this movie shall form a connection with the audience. Watch this movie for its novel subject, unusual story and talented actors. The story will definitely take you down the memory lane in one way or the other.

See it at these festivals:

Mill Valley Film Festival Screening Dates:

Friday, Oct. 7 at 6:00PM | Sequoia 2
Monday, Oct. 10 at 10:00AM | Rafael 2 | Jade Pettyjohn & Dorie Barton will be in attendance
Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 4:45PM | Century Larkspur | Jade Pettyjohn & Dorie Barton will be in attendance

Woodstock Film Festival Screening Dates:

Friday, Oct. 14 at 10:45AM | Upstate Films Woodstock
Saturday, Oct. 15 at 8:45PM | Upstate Films II Rhinebeck

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