Movie Review: ‘Giant Little Ones’

There is emotion, simplicity, affection, confidence and power in this coming-of-age movie that hits the right notes all along its length. It narrates a powerful tale in a simple setting, while addressing the relevant topics of today’s young generation. With excellent star cast, wonderful background music and characters that seem relatable- movie ‘Giant Little ones’ does an incredible job. It focuses over the friendship of two high school students Franky and Ballas who are best buddies since childhood. They exhibit trust, affection and concern for each other, while dealing with challenges of passing age. From talking about their girlfriends to the hidden adventures of sexuality, these two buddies are there for each other without any second doubt.

This is demonstrated by their popularity in school and their association in swimming team. Things are all usual when an unexpected incident forces them to question the label of their relationship. While Franky rings his 17th birthday with an exciting house party, one unexpected yet close awkward moment with Ballas changes their equation. While struggling to understand this sexual confusion, Franky ends up losing his best friend in the least expected way. The movie depicts the reality faced by the young generation who are expected to follow labels of relationships. While dealing with their own uncertainties, the presence of parents, friends and so-called normal relations of the society add pressure to the situation.

‘Giant Little Ones’ talks about addressing these insecurities and confusing thoughts with determination, confidence and courage. There is no right or wrong answers as Franky makes an attempt to understand the course of action ahead. It depicts the need to confront the issues with one’s mind at the right place. While Ballas makes an attempt to scream out his ‘straight’ status to keep face for his girlfriend, the story points to the weakness of such relations.

An appropriate title for the closet full of secrets, ‘Giant Little Ones’ is about addressing little uncertainties and insecurities hidden deep within. It makes one realize that labels are insignificant. What matters is the ability to stay true to ourselves and listening to the tiny heart that beats from happiness to sorrow. The beauty of this movie lies in its silent and indirect references. It does not scream or shout out every single aspect loud and clear, leaving the best bits for interpretation by the audience.

Watch this movie for the incredible work from writer-director Keith Behrman. ‘Giant Little ones’ addresses the right factors for the society today. Releases March 1, 2019 (NY)/ March 8, 2019 (LA & Select Cities Nationwide).

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