Movie Review: ‘Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends’ Is An Enjoyable Indy Film

Review by Bluray Junkies

Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends is written and directed by Quincy Rose and stars Tyler Dawson, Christina Gooding and Graham Skipper.

The story revolves around a trio of close friends dealing with not only their relationships with each other but on the outside world as well. The title of the film may sway some from watching it, but it is a sweet story with a lot of context. It is well written, acted and directed. Quincy Rose gives us a surprising look at relationships and sex in today’s modern 20-30 something world. With a comedic flare to it.

The film engages the audience that you don’t mind the short running time and you come away with a movie that you and your friends can talk about and relate to. It’s a refreshing change and the chemistry between the actors is felt through the movie.

The film is a nice, enjoyable indie that is recommended viewing.

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