Movie Review: ‘Some Freaks’ Is A Feel Good Movie

A cute high school love story intervened with elements of friendship, relationship, maturity and trust, ‘Some Freaks’ follows the troubles faced by social outcasts in a ‘so-called’ stable society. Slated to release on August 4th, 2017, this movie takes the audience through a novel idea with a practical approach. It revolves around theme of friendship and love between protagonists Matt (Thomas Mann) and Jill (Lily Mae Harrington). While one-eyed Matt is teased among the high school students for his mysterious look, Jill faces the troubles of being an over-weight. Often shamed for her weight and body issues, Jill struggles to fit among her fellow classmates.

This outcast status brings the two together leading to stronger bonds of friendship. With passing time, as they come closer, they experience common threads of love, trust, support and understanding. This takes them towards their first, yet unexpected love while the two fall for each other. Written and directed by Directorial Debut Ian MacAllister –McDonald, ‘Some Freaks’ is a unique movie with an easy flow. Excellent acting skills, interesting story, strong lead characters and novel concept mark the highlights of this sweet love story as each one of us can relate to its feel in one way or the other.

The movie flows through several unique experiences, while the two explore their relationship in a dynamic way. The story is successful in depicting their insecurities, feelings and emotions as both of them go through the troubles of being outcasts. Though they realize their shortcomings, they value each other for being honest and pure in every manner. By respecting their differences and believing in the domain of love, Jill and Matt are able to weave an interesting story.

‘Some Freaks’ touches a common subject with an entertaining feel. It addresses the harsh reality of being an outcast yet stresses over the significance of trust and love. As the movie progresses with a griping hold, the later part of the story takes an unexpected twist. After moving to a new location for college, when Jill and Matt are forced to be in a long distance relationship, they face several troubles in the process. This poses as a reality check for both as their love and trust is tested on various fronts. An unexpected surprise takes the story forward where Matt and Jill are forced to answer several tough questions. It opens their eyes, making them realize that love is not an easy way out for problems. It questions the foundation of their relationship, making them wonder if social outcast status was the sole reason for their love. Change in this status leads to change in their love, paving way to bigger differences and fights.

‘Some Freaks’ is a feel-good and easy movie that can connect with the audience instantly. Watch this movie for its cute story, strong friendship, honest love and interesting end. ‘Some Freaks’ will definitely appeal to a small, little freak in each one of us.

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