Movie Review: ‘Folk Hero & Funny Guy’ Is A Good Fun-Filled Movie About Friendship

An excellent tale revolving around friendship, creative arts, love and life- ‘Folk Hero & Funny Guy’ is an entertaining movie in every way. Slated to release on 12th May, 2017 the movie is funny with a simple message. It depicts diverse angles of friendship and love, while the lead men struggle to find their space. It features stand-up comedian and copywriter Paul (Alex Karpovsky) as performer in a comedy club who suffers from a recent heartbreak, leading to failed performances. In an attempt to get his style back, when the manager of the club insists him to take some time off, the tale commences with some interesting twists.

His encounter with a childhood buddy Jason Black (Wyatt Russell) opens a new chapter in his life. While dealing with a break up and failed professional ties, Paul finds it difficult to take the journey ahead. His efforts to get back into action lead him to several funny experiences and moments. It projects his efforts to get back into action. As an acclaimed folk-rock musician Jason tours across the country for several shows. When he offers Paul to accompany him for the tours and open his performances, Paul reluctantly jumps at the idea only to start off some interesting train of experiences.

Excellent performances by the two leading men coupled with perfect comic timing and smooth flow mark the course of this fun-filled road trip. Along the tour as Paul and Jason come across several experiences, it opens their eyes to the situations around. The movie blends friendship and work in perfect amounts, while Paul attempts to get his spark back. It presents their course of shows as the two toil to mark a lasting impression. Along the way, they pair up with a singer Bryn (Meredith Hagner) who joins in their performance as the third performer. With this, they embark on a fun-filled road trip and halt for several shows along the way.

Excellent chemistry between the three is definitely one of the best highlights of this movie that enhances the overall entertainment quotient. Paul’s rising affection towards Bryn coupled with chemistry between Jason and Bryn give way to probable love triangle. Comic timing between the three add humor and laughter to this tale that manages to keep the audience glued right till the end. Interesting dialogues, embarrassing situations and unexpected adventures add magic to the movie.

While the road trip appears to be successful and doing its trick on Paul, Jason surprises him with the real motive of the tour. With this unexpected twist, the smooth flow takes a different turn, forcing unimaginable reactions along the way. Its impact over their friendship, performances and future lead to new questions and newer answers.

To sum it up, Folk Hero & Funny Guy is a good, fun-filled film about friendship, offering flawless entertainment to the audience.

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