Movie Review: ‘Flay’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Moon (Elle LaMont) returns home after her mother, Patricia (Peggy Schott), mysteriously dies. It is believed that Patricia died from relapsing, but the detective on the case noticed some unusual things. Moon is trying to take care of her brother River (Dalton E. Gray), but he hates her for leaving him with his drug addicted mother. While Moon is processing everything and reconnecting with a former boyfriend and current police officer, Tyler (Johnny Walter), she starts to see strange things. She starts hearing noises, having visions and passing out, but she passes it off as stress until her brother and his friends are in danger. The malevolent spirit is from a Native American shaman who cursed the chains he was held in before being killed. These chains keep reappearing over time and anyone who touches them will die. It’s up to Moon to save River, herself and anyone else who could come into contact with the chains.

There’s a lot of jump scare music and scenes and the shaman looks like Slenderman. The pacing of the plot and the editing is a little bit off. It’s like there’s uncertainty about how to end a scene, so they immediately cut into the next scene. The teenagers in this movie might make you get very angry. They are extremely annoying. It’s hard to say if this film is decent or not. It’s definitely a cheesy, low budget horror film. It’s better than some B-movies, but it isn’t very memorable.

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