Movie Review: ‘Finders Keepers’

Review by: Wesley Collins

The title of any film is supposed to speak to what the story is ultimately attempting to convey. Finders Keepers did just that. Although the gentleman who I’d say found something was unable to keep it, he still gained even in losing. The film Finders Keepers is based on the actual accounts of North Carolina residents John Wood, Shannon Whisnant, their families and the storage locker that changed their fates forever. The film begins detailing how and why Wood placed all his belongings in storage to begin with. John Wood had fallen on hard times due to drugs and disappointing his parents. John witnessed what he was doing to his parents and family, and he began his road toward sobriety. He’d been sober for roughly a year before the tragedy, which lead to the making of this film.

John and Tom Wood, his father, along with other family members set out on a flight in Toms plane, which he had recently sold. It in turn was the last flight he’d ever take. They encountered bad weather and crashed. As a result of the crash, Tom Wood passed away and John lost his left leg and had to have it amputated. John then turned back to drugs, which strained his relationships with various family members. He lost his place of residence and had to place his belongings in storage. John believed the best way to keep his father alive was to keep his amputated leg, which he placed in a BBQ grill in his storage space. His inability to maintain the payments led to the items inside being sold. Shannon Whisnant, a self-proclaimed business mogul later bought the grill and the rest was history.

As a film enthusiast, I’ve never been partial to films based on true stories but Finders Keepers resonated with me in so many ways. It’s a story about a man who had fallen from grace and needed something as bizarre as another man claiming ownership of his leg for him to become the man his father had always wished he’d be. It’s also a story of a man who spent his life seeking his big break. Shannon Whisnant sought the type of opportunity that would expose him to the world and make him wealthy beyond his wildest dream. Whisnant always believed he was meant for greatness and fame, and it took another mans foot that put him on the world stage to allow him to see the entertainment world for what it really was.

Finders Keepers is a story of two men traveling very different paths who unbeknownst to them needed one another. They each needed the other to rid themselves of demons as well as putting life and their outlook on it into perspective. I didn’t know what to expect when the film began but Finders Keepers gets two big thumbs up from me. It’s a story that speaks profoundly on many large parts of human nature and how easily tragedy can befall us, but also how we deal with it and ultimately grow as a result.

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