Movie Review: ‘Feral’

by | May 24, 2018 | Movie Reviews, Movies | 0 comments

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Some grad students, who all decided to become doctors, ended up taking a weekend trip into the woods as an early graduation celebration. It’s too bad something else is in the woods with them. After the group gets lost, they decide to set up camp where they are. Matt (George Finn) goes into the woods by himself and gets brutally attacked. When his girlfriend, Brienne (Renee Olstead), goes out to look for him, she gets attacked as well. Alice (Scout Taylor-Compton) and the rest of the group try to save Brienne, when Talbot (Lew Temple) appears. Talbot lives in the woods and is the only person who can help them at the moment.

Alice becomes suspicious of Talbot, but she knows she needs his help. Her girlfriend Jules (Olivia Luccardi) and ex-boyfriend Jessie (Brock Kelly) decide to go get help. As tensions arise between Alice’s current girlfriend and ex-boyfriend, they start yelling at each other before he gets hurt. Jessie becomes trapped and Jules has to go back to Talbot’s cabin to get help. Alice is in the cabin telling her friend Gina (Landry Allbright) that she doesn’t trust Talbot and they need to be careful.

As Jules heads back to the cabin, it gets dark and the creature appears again. Before she makes it back, Talbot pretends to be helping Brienne, when he’s really just masking a dark secret. It’s up to Alice and the rest of the crew to survive the night and deal with Talbot before it’s too late. This is a horror film that isn’t too scary. It does drag some and the story is kind of engaging, but not too much. It definitely feels like a horror film you wouldn’t mind playing in the background while doing something else. It has a very basic plot and it doesn’t feel like it adds anything you haven’t seen before, but it’s still nice to see.