Movie Review: ‘The Female Brain’

As interesting as it sounds, movie ‘The Female Brain’ is truly a novel, fun-filled, hilarious and fresh piece of entertainer. Revolving around the neurobiology of the female brain, this comedy movie will delight the audience right from start to the end. As it talks about the dynamics, uncertainties and usually expected behavior of the female gender, it only turns more and more comical with passing time. There are many ‘Oh, so true!’ moments along the story, forming an instant connection with the audience.

Based on the book ‘The Female Brain’ by Louann Brezendine, this movie presentation on screen is excellent by all means. With a novel yet relatable story, Director Whitney Cummings has come up with an exciting project. The plot runs around the relationship of three couples, while they encounter ups and downs along the way. As a researcher working over the functionalities of the brain, Julia (played by the Director herself), strives to connect every aspect of the female behavior with the hormones they release. Instead of looking at it as a behavioral aspect, she tries to correlate everything with the chemistry of hormones, bringing hilarious twists in the plot.

Each of the actors have done an excellent job, while they present the dynamics of their relation in a flawless way. From everyday arguments between couples to the ego of controlling each other in a bond, from the aspects of responsibilities to the feelings of love, the movie touches routine happenings in an interesting way. The joy of observing everyday events at home in the form of colorful depiction on screen will pose as the winning highlight of the movie. Perfect comic timing coupled with good acting, excellent dialogue delivery and adequately shared screen presence are some of the reasons worth mentioning.

Julia’s efforts to show no biasness towards female reactions lead her to several interesting experiences. The interactions with her female colleague add comic essence to the tale.

Involvement of a scientific study with the presentation of brain diagram bring novel touch to the movie. Portraying three couples at different stages in their relationship, actors – Sofía Vergara, Toby Kebbell, James Marsden, Lucy Punch, Beanie Feldstein, Cecily Strong have done an incredible job. The course of their emotions, fights, behavior and love bring life to the plot.

Makers of this movie have succeeded in blending two diverse aspects together. Combination of dry neurobiology with fun-filled humor is truly an excellent entertainer for the audience.

Whether Julia succeeds in her fight against stereotypic nature of females or quits this impossible study, the outcome is definitely worth watching. Watch this movie for its comic timings, excellent cast, fresh story and smooth flow. Nothing beats the fun of a hilarious movie that can connect with every viewer in the audience.

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