Movie Review: ‘Father Figures’ Blu-ray

Review by Monique Thompson

Upon learning that their mother has been lying to them for years about their allegedly deceased father, two fraternal twin brothers hit the road in order to find him.

Imagine going almost 40 years thinking your father is deceased, only to find out that’s the furthest thing from reality. That’s exactly what fraternal twins Peter (Ed Helms) and Kyle (Owen Wilson) learn at their mother, Helen’s (Glenn Close) wedding. Over the years, Helen had always told them their father died of colon cancer before they were born.

Peter, a divorced proctologist by day and depressed, single dad by night agrees to accompany free-spirited and rich Kyle on the “who’s our daddy” journey, which ends up becoming way more than the pair bargained for. On a journey that sends the two cross-country and into the lives of a few prospects, the brothers meet a few interesting and possible sperm donors, starting with Terry Bradshaw. With each possible daddy, the brothers learn just how much their mother “got around” back in the 70s.

In this roadtrip comedy, things go from zero to raunchy in a matter of scenes, but in a good way. With each possible father, the guys get quite an earful and surely unwanted visuals as the men reminisce about their previous escapades with Helen. When they’re just about ready to give up, they cross paths with a hitchhiker (Katt Williams) who interestingly isn’t as raunchy as you’d suspect him to be. His character brings forth a refreshing vibe once introduced and along side Helms and Wilson these three are quite hilaroous.

A very funny film, Father Figures isn’t just all raunchy comedy as a few heart warming moments showcasing the importance of family bonding is thrown in. There’s even a little mysterious twist at the end. I’d say this is definitely a comedy worth watching.

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