Movie Review: ‘Fall’ Is Well Acted

Review By Caitlin Zeigler

Father Sam (Michael Murphy) is a Roman Catholic priest, who spends his time helping people in a variety of ways. He helps counsel a couple who wants to married at his church. He also gives advice to the musician who performs at his church. All is seemingly well, until he receives a letter. The letter is from a former member of his congregation, Christopher Merchant (Adrian Gabrylewicz), who brings up something from their past that could destroy Father Sam.

Father Sam goes to visit his mother and sister (Cathleen Holmes and Wendy Crewson), while trying to remember the past, finding out if something occurred and trying to see if he can move forward.

This movie drags a little bit and it felt as if the main purpose of the story wasn’t mentioned as much as it probably should have been. However, the acting was great and it was shot well. The story is kind of written in a way where you and the main character are trying to figure things out.

FALL will be available On Demand and DVD starting February 7.

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