Movie Review: ‘Dreamland’ Is An Entertaining Movie

A smooth-flowing story with light doses of entertainment- ‘Dreamland’ is a complete entertainer in every way. Slated to release on November 11th, 2016, Dreamland is definitely an exciting piece for the audience. Revolving around the struggles of a young musician Monty Fagan (Johnny Simmons), the movie explores his troubles to survive in the world of music. While struggling with lack of funds, as Monty stays at his girlfriend’s house along with her mother, it depicts his tale to make it big. Dreaming about his own piano bar in the city of Los Angeles, the movie paints an interesting story of his ups and downs. Dreamland has theme of comedy with light drama to its credit. Each of the actors have presented their best talent forward, making it a relatable tale in every way.

The story speaks about the usual challenges of every young musician. While offering piano classes to little kids, as Monty hopes for his dream project along every step, it comes across as a fun-filled tale of dreams, hopes, aspirations and ambitions. Though his bank supports him in a twisted way, the need to raise larger funds trouble him along the journey.

Troubled relations with his girlfriend and her mother add to the spice of the story, as Monty experiences loneliness in some way. Unexpected opportunity to play in a hotel turns out to be a good chance for Monty, as he hopes to gather money. While these troubles dominate the theme, sudden entry of a wealthy lady Olivia (Amy Landecker) adds an interesting twist to the tale. By offering money, luxuries and love, Olivia enters his life in every domain. Though Monty strives to be a self-made man, such gifts and favors from a married, wealthy woman bring unexpected surprises.

Besides spoiling his relations with his girlfriend, Monty experiences several troubles with this new-found attraction. As he toils to make his way through all the troubles, the story proves entertaining. With a simple story, yet wonderful depiction, director Robert Schwartzman along with writer Benjamin Font have created an amazing movie for all. While Monty faces the dilemma of accepting favors from a wealthy woman, he encounters a lot of confusion. In the battle with aspiration, ambition, career and money, as Monty moves along, the movie is truly worth watching.

Watch this movie for its fresh topic, unique perspective, entertaining story-line and amazing talent. Whether Monty proves successful in his dreams by accepting favors or whether he strives to find his own way out, ‘Dreamland’ will definitely leave back happy moments and delightful memories.

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