Movie Review: ‘Drawing Home’

Inspired by a true story from the 1920s, this wonderful movie can be a perfect entertainer for the holidays. Slated to release on December 1st, 2017 ‘Drawing Home’ is a flawless blend of love, family, creativity, feelings and passion. It addresses the classic question of whether one should settle for a perfect ‘settled’ life or take risks to follow his/her passion. Set along the east coast of US, this tale from Boston takes the audience through the life of a beautiful girl Catharine. Blessed with everything a young girl of her age can think of, Catherine’s life was truly perfect in every way.

Supportive and loving father, ambitious mother and loads of wealth formed her identity, as she went to pursue arts and painting in college. Destined to marry the most eligible bachelor in town John D. Rockefeller III, her life seemed amazing in every way. Director Markus Rupprecht has done an incredible job by depicting the real essence of the good, old times. He preserves the rich history and presents it perfectly to form an instant connection with the audience. Every actor has done justice to their role, while they succeed in relating with their viewers.

Though Catherine has a perfect future with enormous wealth, she finds her true calling in the field of arts. After meeting a young painter ‘Peter’ residing in the Canadian Rocky mountains, she comes closer to some undefined magic in her journey. A struggling artist hoping to make it big, Peter lives a humble life with a desire to paint the wonderful landscape of mountains, trees, snowcapped peaks and the beauty of nature. Slowly, as Catherine finds love and passion in his presence, she gives up a settled life for a more risky, yet fulfilling experience.

Against the disapproval of her controlling mother, when Catherine decides to marry Peter and settle into a different lifestyle; the story brings lot of uncertainties. Though Catherine comes across several difficulties, it presents her strong will, determination and dedication to live a peaceful and fulfilling life.

With excellent presentation and relatable history, this story succeeds in presenting the true picture. Though it dates back to the olden times, it depicts the reality faced by artists, even today. As lack of opportunities and risk of an uncertain life force artists to give up their passion, the story is wonderful at every levels.

Inspired by a real-life angle, the movie is truly worth watching. Exchange of dialogues between Catherine and her mother or with her love interest Peter present the reality that many of us experience in our plot too. Talented cast, wonderful landscape, scenic beauty and charm of the golden era mark the highlights of the movie. Watch this feel-good slice of history for its passion, artistic approach and skillful pieces of arts. ‘Drawing Home’ will definitely draw great doses of happiness, joy, pleasure and entertainment- truly perfect for the holidays!

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