Movie Review: ‘The Drama Club’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Friends who met in their high school drama club promised to meet up again 20 years later at the cabin where their club was held. Unfortunately after a night of drinking, new problems and old wounds come to light. It turns into a night of fights, bonding and reflection, but it ultimately leaves them in a better place than before they got there.

Aaron (Dane Bowman) has been holding in a secret since high school, Luke (Chris Ciccarelli) has always been a jerk and hasn’t changed and Nathan (Barry Finnegan) got into cross fit training and used to be bullied a little bit by Luke.

Hannah (Melanie Lewis) feels that her Christian values has made her life hard because of how people treat her for having them and it doesn’t help that she’s always looked up to Elle (Liza Seneca), who has always been a loose, free-spirited woman. Elle’s husband, Keith (Mike Kopera), had concerns about their life together and that comes out in full force at the reunion.

Cory (Jon Thomas) enjoys his time with his friends, but he has to deal with his marital problems in front of everyone and more than once. Cory’s wife, Kat (Chelsea Brandt), is a loose cannon of emotions who makes this reunion even more dramatic.

This film is well-written and well shot. It is very dramatic and has very adult scenes and situations. It has funny and freeing moments, but the drama is as if everyone waited to reunite to have their mid-life crises. That’s not to say the film is bad, but it can be a little bit depressing to watch people realize what their lives have turned into, when they used to enjoy it so much more.

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