Movie Review: ‘Don’t Kill It’

Review by Cade

What do you do when there’s a murderous demon on the loose who possesses anyone who kills it? Well, definitely Don’t Kill It. In this movie, it’s up to an aging demon hunter, Jebediah (Dolph Lundgren), and an FBI agent (Kristina Klebe) to investigate a series of strange murders plaguing an average southern town. In what is not unlike a slasher horror, we watch as a demon wreaks complete havoc everywhere. This film was plagued with cliches in a way that made it too predictable- it’s not hard to see where the plot is headed.

Unfortunately, the director (Mike Mendez) took too much time setting up the premise of the film, which was actually pretty simple. The blood and gore was completely overdone and it was just incredibly excessive- don’t watch this if you have a soft stomach. The repetitive scenes which features massacres quickly become boring, until the movie falls into a fairly predictable sequence. This movie was pretty dull, which is unfortunate because the concept is pretty interesting. They only utilized the full potential of this creepy concept in a couple of scenes.

Regardless of its poor execution, it did bring up (or attempted to) several themes about the concept of good vs. evil, and viewers are definitely clued into its uses of irony throughout. Parts of the dialogue are comedic but at times can seem unrealistic. I wouldn’t recommend this film, as the entire things just feels like a missed opportunity. So instead of Don’t Kill It, Don’t Watch It.

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