Movie Review: ‘Donald Cried’ Is An Awkward Comedy

Review by LC Cragg

The bar for dark comedies is very high, (Fargo, Sideways, Harold & Maude) so first off, kudos to the writer-director-star Kris Avedisian for making this film. But I really thought it could have been funnier. Certain already awkward moments could have been pushed farther and therefore creating a more memorable comedic result.

The common theme running through this movie and many classics are twofold, first, “you can’t go home again” which is what Peter LeTang (brilliantly played by Jess Wakeman) has to do to take care of his mother’s estate. And secondly, “only the lucky grow up” which truly personifies the title character Donald’s flaw (played by Kris Avedisian.) Donald is not a lucky one.

Not wanting to give away any of the film’s best moments, the use of more physical comedy would have improved this film. The physical comedy in the film delivered some of the funniest scenes.
The dialogue could have been pruned, as I kept wishing that Donald would at some point allow at least one sentinel moment to occur, without revisiting it. But that’s his character traits…talking and reliving, as opposed to actually living which he tries to regain by “hanging out” with his old pal, Pete.

Emotionally, I connected to Donald, because we all know a Donald. Someone who has minimal self-esteem, has let their groove become their grave and lives a lonely, lonely life. I found myself routing for him and Peter to somehow connect in a way that would heal their awkward bromance….but alas. The entertaining quality of this film is essentially their dysfunctional dynamic. DONALD CRIED, shares an important message of how vulnerable friendships and people can be and in that dark space we learn that literally we have to laugh to keep from crying. The film is worth watching as it may define a new genre: awkward comedy.

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