Movie Review: ‘In The Doghouse’ Is A Feel Good Movie

If you need an enjoyable break from serious movies and high drama flicks, ‘In the Doghouse’ will be a perfect entertainer. A comedy tale filled with fun, laughter, mischief and innocence, this movie can be watched by the entire family together. Revolving around relationships, family, kids and dog, the tale restores its smooth touch right till the end. ‘In the Doghouse’ manages to maintain its level of humor without any unnecessary troubles or worries. Slated to release on 18th April, 2017, this movie will definitely entertain its viewers with a broad smile.

When divorced mother ‘Kim Hamilton’ decides to get back to dating, she encounters strong resistance from her little kids. Though her younger son and elder daughter express their disapproval, they realize it is too late. Determined to find love and form a strong relationship yet again, Kim jumps into the act of dating. While the kids love their parents, they hope to reunite this couple sooner or later. With this thought in mind, as the two plot against Kim’s dates, the story enters into a humorous twist. The brother-sister duo try their best to ruin her dates and send them away.

From undesirable mixing into food items to pranks with their dog ‘Irvine’, they manage to spoil her dates successfully. Though the kids are able to keep their mother away from the new men, one unexpected turn into the tale worries them to a great extent. Return of Kim’s high school sweetheart results into newer challenges, while they toil to send him away. A mischievous man himself, this broke high school friend hopes to enter into Kim’s life and make great money from their association. As the kids try their luck in ruining this bond, the plot gets funnier.

True to its title, the dog certainly plays an important role in the movie. While supporting the kids in their adventures, the dog does his responsibility in a religious way.

Smooth flowing tale with interesting characters, humorous dialogues, talented cast and unexpected situations, ‘In the Doghouse’ is totally entertaining for the viewers. With all their sincere efforts as the kids work hard to keep their mother away from her friend, the story takes several exciting turns. Each of the actors have brought their characters to life as the movie seems realistic and happening in every way.

A feel-good movie with a good experience, watch this movie for its unlimited doses of entertainment. Without any tensions and worries, ‘In the Doghouse’ will keep you happy and cheerful throughout the tale.

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