Movie Review: ‘Dismissed’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

David Butler (Kent Osborne) is a teacher at a high school, who keeps trying to invest in his students’ learning. He is in the middle of trying to become a professor at a university when he receives a new honor roll student, Lucas Ward (Dylan Sprouse). Mr. Butler is excited about a student being so interested and invested in his learning. He also feels he needs to mentor Lucas because his mom passed and he wants to help him succeed.

Unfortunately for Mr. Butler, Lucas isn’t just an honor roll student. He needs perfect grades and he’ll do anything to get them. When Mr. Butler gives Lucas a grade less than ‘A’, Lucas stops at nothing to get the ‘A’ he feels he so desperately deserves.

This film is well made in that you think about students who go above and beyond and don’t know how to cope with anything less than perfect. Mr. Butler has to take things into his own hands and protect his family from Lucas. Some people get hurt or worse because of this. One of the science teachers, Mr. Sheldon (Randall Park) gets fired. Lucas really goes above and beyond with revenge. If you give him an ‘A’, you’ll be fine. Even Lucas’ father, Mr. Ward (Chris Bauer) doesn’t know how to cope with his son. This film is worth the watch in seeing how Dylan Sprouse turns up the crazy.

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