Movie Review: ‘Dig Two Graves’ Is An Unusual Horror Film

Review by Cade

Dig Two Graves is a horror film- but an unusual one. The story alternates between two points of view of the preteen Jacqueline “Jake” Mather (Samantha Isler), whose brother drowned to death recently, and her grandfather (Ted Levine), the sheriff of the small town they reside in who is dealing with demons from his past. There are two storylines: one which follows Jake as she is pursued by a trio of townsmen who are somehow linked to the occult, while the other recounts the haunting of Jake’s grandfather, the town sheriff, corrupted actions and misdoings of his past. The storylines are undoubtedly connected, though we are only gradually clued in as to their relatedness. The aforementioned trio assume the role of the antagonists, who offer Jake a peculiar deal: they can bring back her brother from the dead, but Jake’s school friend must take her place. Though this is the initial premise of the story, it is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what themes and questions Dig Two Graves unearths.

Dig Two Graves is definitely a tale about family- the story focuses on Jake and her grandfather, Sheriff Waterhouse. Between them and the trio (whose identities become evident later in the film), their interactions are the main driving forces of the plot. We often shift rapidly back between the past and the present, which effectively juxtaposes the change in Jake’s grandfather.

The two storylines climax nearly simultaneously, which is an incredibly exciting moment and easily the most engaging of the film. This movie explicitly explains nothing, and the viewer is left to connect the dots on their own, which can be annoying if you’re not paying attention completely. The acting was particularly noteworthy, and each actor performed their role very well, even the more minor characters.

I would recommend Dig Two Graves to everybody searching for a decent horror film that delivers more than just jump scares and an intimidating atmosphere. If you’re searching for a deep exploration of human nature and sin, then this movie is for you.

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