Movie Review: ‘Diamond Heist’

Review By Bradley Smith

Diamond Heist, formerly Magic Boys, is an action adventure/crime thriller that offers a few laughs and mild excitement; possibly more if you are interested in male strippers.

The movie is centered on a London night club that features male strippers and doubles as a cover for a diamond smuggling operation. Terence (Michael Madsen) is the owner of the club who is trying to prepare for a party. He needs to find replacement dancers and enlists help from an old friend, Jack Varga (Vinnie Jones). Jack tries to offer up an experienced pair of Hungarians known as “Magic Boys”, but thanks to a series of events, Terence ends up with two hapless recently unemployed men who have stumbled into a world about which they know nothing.

Both pairs of dancers provide a certain amount of comedy; the inexperienced pair bumble around on and off stage trying to learn the moves while the experienced pair try to make their way to the gig, getting lost and into trouble along the way. They have their funny moments and there was a great opportunity when they meet up, but their shenanigans kind of get relocated to the back during the party as Terence and Jack take center stage, so to speak.

Madsen and Jones are superb playing their stereotypical bad guy roles and they each have their moments in this film as well. British musician Jamelia was interesting as Cherry, a young lady who works for Terence and has ambitions of her own. There are enough twists to keep the audience guessing and plenty to see for fans of crime thrillers and/or male strippers (this movie has more than a fair share of men’s nude backsides and chests; nothing more).

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