Movie Review: ‘Devil’s Domain’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

A troubled teenager named Lisa (Madi Vodane) gets cyber-bullied at school. When she thinks her life is over, she’s meets a charming older woman, Destiny (Linda Bella), who makes her feel like she’s special. When Destiny tells Lisa she can truly make everything better for her at a price, Lisa reluctantly agrees. It’s just too bad for Lisa that she made her deal with the devil. It doesn’t help that Lisa’s mother Carol (Kelly Erin Decker) is a workaholic, who clashes with her. She also doesn’t feel as if she can talk to her stepfather, Bill (Michael Madsen), after she had a falling out with her best friend.

This is a low-budget horror film with a mix of bad and okay acting. It was shot decently and occasionally has good music, but it’s exactly what you would expect it to be. It ends as expected and Michael Madsen is the only good thing about this film. You shouldn’t expect much, but they did do a good job of the effects that went into blood, gore and makeup. If you like low-budget horror films, than this is exactly like all the other ones you have already seen.

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