Movie Review: ‘Deep’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

An adventurous octopus named Deep (Justin Felbinger) has spent his whole life in a cave. His grandfather and the ruler, Kraken (Dwight Schultz), always made the rule that no one should ever leave the cave. Kraken saved all of his people at a time when the Earth was no longer sustainable for humans. Humans went to live on another planet and they wanted to take as many species of animals as possible. Kraken kept his people safe and no one ever questioned their way of life, except Deep. Deep’s friends Evo (Stephen Ezra Hughes) and Alice (Lindsey Alena), always tried to talk Deep down from wanting to explore and go against what his grandfather says.

Deep has always had an adventurous spirit and had already been outside the cave, which made him want to explore the outside even more. He never listens to anyone, but himself and he convinced his friends to come outside the cave. This inadvertently put everyone in danger when Deep manages to make a tear in the ocean floor that causes lava to rise within the cave. At the same time, a giant boulder has covered the only way to get out of the cave. To save his colony, Deep and his friends must go find Kraken’s old friend, Nathan (Lewis Macleod).

Deep’s adventure to save his colony has him meet new sea creatures and face other challenges. It’s up to Deep and friends to save the day, but it will only happen if Deep can learn the meaning of teamwork.

The animation is wonderful, but the story drags just a bit. The problem is less with the storyline and more with the main character. Deep does not listen to anyone, he convinces people that what he says and does is right and he doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “no”. I say this to say if you don’t want this character rubbing off on your child, maybe don’t watch it. Deep is pretty obnoxious until the end of the film. Then, he becomes slightly less obnoxious. I also want to warn that there are some scenes that show skeletons and mention death, murder and backstabbing. It’s not super memorable, but if you have a kid, maybe take them to a matinee. August 25, 2017 (In Theaters and On Demand).

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