Movie Review: ‘Death Pool’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

After a man nearly drowns as a child, due to a bad babysitter, he has trouble being in and around water for the rest of his life. As a grown man, Johnny Taylor’s (Randy Wayne) problem with water soon turns into something more sinister. Johnny develops an urge to kill beautiful, young woman in water. After his first kill, he decides he likes it and needs to kill more people. When he begins to slow down, his friend Brandon (Demetrius Stear) finds out and encourages him to keep going. Brandon tells Johnny that it’s making him famous and joins in the planning of the next kill. Brandon doesn’t like it as much as he thought he would, but he likes how much Johnny is getting famous for it.

Johnny tells Brandon that it’s his fault this started because Brandon knew that he had problems with water and encouraged him to join him in a pool cleaning business. Brandon is okay with everything until police identify Johnny and name Brandon as being part of it. Mrs. Taylor (Gena Kay) always loved her son and always will, so she does what she can to help her son. Mr. Taylor (Tom McLaren) loves his son as well, but knows something is wrong with him. Lots of people get caught up in these crimes and it doesn’t end well for most.

This film and shot and acted well and it definitely comes across as an Eli Roth-style horror film, but it’s supposed to be a crime film. That alone makes it lose its appeal for people who like crime films. It shows just as much murder as it does nude women, making this film feel a bit cheesier than it could’ve been. It has an adult industry theme and lots of drugs and alcohol and this film is very much for “bros”. Even if this is your kind of film, the quickly wrapped up ending is a bit disappointing.

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