Movie Review: ‘Death Passage’

Review by Carlton Rolle

Death Passage is a haunting movie following young American backpackers in the outback of Australia. Toby (Tim Phillipps), Amelia (Pippa Black), and Neia (Jessia Tovey) are soaking up sun on a beach having the time of their lives. While hanging out and deciding on the next place to travel to, Neia runs into two native Aussies. Johnny (Tim Peacock) and Oscar (Andrew Ryan) join the group and spend the rest of the day hanging out on the beach. As events seem to go, the group ends up around a camp fire telling scary ghost stories. In exchanging stories, Oscar decides to amp up the excitement by telling a “real story” about a tragic traffic accident. Oscar says that the story happens not too far away on a street called Lemon Tree Passage and the rest of the group decides to go along to find out more.

Speeding down Lemon Tree Passage, the group sees something that they can’t explain. Thinking it’s the ghost and being intrigued by it, they decide to go back to the supposed haunted area to see the apparition again. Oscar gets out the car to get a first-hand view of the ghost. When the apparition appears again, Oscar disappears and the group is looking for him. He is found some time after, but is dead. This is when everyone realizes they are in a dangerous situation. The group is freaking out and has split up. Another member disappears only to be killed in a horrible trap. Trying to save themselves, the remaining people are left fighting for their life and figuring out what’s happening.

After the first encounter, Neia had nightmares and flashes that seemed to connect her to the ghost. At certain points, she was led without knowing what was happening, other times she tried to figure out what was happening. Some of the situations that Neia was in had me in chills. It was outright creepy and disturbing to think about the haunting powers of ghosts.

Throughout the entire movie I thought I knew what was happening, but as more clues were discovered, I realized that the group had stumbled into a different situation. The twist in the plot made the movie much more enjoyable then the classic ghost haunting movie. It also added an element of surprise to the way everyone was connected. At the end I felt bad for the people who died, but I also had a sense of relief and justice.

After watching Death Passage, I was left with a few things to consider. First, you never know what secrets will come out from beyond the grave. Second, stay in groups when in dangerous situations. Straying too far almost always results in something bad! Third and most important of all, don’t go searching for ghosts unless you’re ready to deal with the consequences or be its next victim!

On DVD/VOD March 21.

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