Movie Review: ‘Deadpool’ Brings A Bit Of Old And New School


The story of how ‘Deadpool’ came to be made is actually a bit more interesting than the movie itself. There was a lot of battling, debating, Internet forums, star power, and politics that allowed this movie to be made in the very adult way it has been. Hopefully, the documentary we get on the Blu Ray will be good. For now, we have the movie itself and I’m happy to write that it is a highly entertaining comedy.

Important to note that last bit. This is most definitely a comedy. This is not a superhero movie with some comedy in it or an action movie with some comedy in it. This is not even a slightly silly twist on the superhero genre that is mostly humorous. No, this is purely a raunchy, adult comedy and it just happens to be about a guy in a mask. To be fair, Deadpool was always a smart ass character. It would have been silly to tell his story in a straight way. So, the filmmakers went the way of the laugh a second raunch-coms that have dominated the comedy market the last few years. 

This method mostly works perfect for the character and will keep the majority of audiences highly entertained. Is this a movie I’ll watch a bunch of times? No. There are no particularly stunning bits of stunt work, characters that are really very interesting (well, Deadpool has an interesting world view), or a story that is much to talk about. The thing this movie does is shock and parody everything it can about its genre. Which works quite well, but is not rewarding once the barrage of jokes wears off after a few viewings.

I know that a lot people disagree with my view of how these silly comedies loose their comedic appeal over time (had this conversation many times with many people), but it’s just how I feel. Still, this does not degrade the fun of this movie. If you decide to go see this movie then you are going to have a good time. I had a blast watching this movie! And this film is certainly a unique take on its genre, but I wanted to make it clear up front that this is not some new style of filmmaking. This is not much different in style than last years ‘Spy’ or ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’. It just feels different because it’s a guy in tights saying fuck a lot.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s break down the movie a bit. Basically, the plot revolves around an smart ass named Wade Wilson (a hilarious Ryan Reynolds). After a very funny opening sequence, Wade meets a girl named Vanessa(Morena Baccarin). Vanessa enjoys screwing him, listening to his particular brand of humor, and is the entire reason Wade becomes Deadpool. Well, that and the fact the he’s dying of cancer. So, Wade meets a guy who says he can cure his cancer and make him a superman. It sounds stupid to Wade, but if it works he’ll stay alive for Vanessa.

Of course, it works, but it makes him a monster. So, he sets out on a journey to kill the man who made him look like a testicle and figure out how to get his girl back. That’s it in a nut shell. The thing that really makes this movie entertaining is not its story. Honestly, the story is not that special. The thing that makes this movie special is the way it constantly makes fun of its genre and the entire idea of being a superhero in general. It makes fun of the X-Men, Wolverine, Green Lantern, and so many more superhero related things I couldn’t possibly keep up. Some of these jokes are so clever that I have been quoting them all week and that’s really what this movie wants. 

Bottom line, this film may be the kind of movie that’s made for 11 year olds to snicker at because they say fuck a lot, but it’s also a clever trash on its own genre. Ryan Reynolds is hilarious! The action sequences are pretty badass (although quite forgettable). And it’s damn funny. That’s why it’s going to make a lot of money this weekend. Should you be one of the people giving it money? Well, I certainly am and I’m going to bring some friends.

Nathan Ligon

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