Movie Review: ‘Deadly Intent’

Review by Monique

After her husband is killed in Afghanistan, a woman notices that her son has changed. Secretive and withdrawn, he begins playing out disturbing death scenes with his toys.

Deadly Intent is a independent British psychological-thriller directed by Rebekah Fortune and produced by Diana Townsend (Girl Power!). In the film, widowed mother Bryony (Rebecca Reaney) is trying to maintain her sanity for the sake of her son James (Gus Barry) after her husband is killed during combat in Afghanistan. James himself is struggling with the sudden passing of his father and begins to have paranormal visits from his dad.

Surprisingly, Deadly Intent is actually pretty good. Initially things start out a little slow but start to become more fast paced after the first 30 minutes or so. James’ behavior continues to be quite bizarre as his mother is wondering what is happening to her son. While it initially seems as though her husband was a pretty honorable man, things reveal itself towards the end that will leave you guessing about his character. I wouldn’t classify this as a horror since quite honestly there’s nothing actually ‘scary’ about it, however there’s a couple moments will leave a bit of a thrill.

With a runtime of barely 90 minutes, the good thing is Deadly Intent spends most of that time actually doing what the film should. The acting from Gus and Rebecca both is very solid and believable. While British-thriller’s may not necessarily be on your initial watch list, Deadly Intent is certainly worth a watch.

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