Movie Review: ‘Day Out Of Days’ Delivers A Thought Provoking Message

A simple, yet realistic depiction of older women’s life in the Hollywood industry, director Zoe Cassavetes’s latest movie ‘Day out of Days’ promises to offer powerful insights with an interesting theme. Releasing on 23rd February, 2016 on Digital HD and On Demand, this movie from MarVista Digital Entertainment has made an excellent attempt towards portrayal of a novel topic on screen. Basking under the glory of fame during her younger days, while facing challenges of survival during her 40s, the movie takes us through the struggles of lead actress Mia Roarke (Alexia Landeau). Attempts to adjust in the modern generation combined with fame of the past lead her into not-so-desirable moments along the journey.

The movie offers a true look into the industry. While Hollywood and its players tend to focus on fresher talents and newer faces, this movie prompts us to think about the older actors and their course of struggle. Opening with a short piece of Mia’s interview during her good old days, a question about her dreams after 10 years in the industry, begins the course of this story. While excited about her engagement to famous actor Liam (Alessandro Nivola) and sharing plans of marriage, kids and work, the real status of these aspects, after a decade into the future form an interesting piece of entertainment.

A lonely woman without any luck in love, family and career, the movie depicts the reality of lost stardom. At the age of 40, as Mia struggles with insignificant roles in movies, her unsuccessful attempts at auditions and desperate wait for calls bring us closer to the hardships of older women in Hollywood. Unusual experiences during casting process and unexpected failure at the auditions remind her about the changing scenario of the industry. Though reluctant to portray the role of the lead’s mother, while lack of work forces her for the audition; rejection and humiliation choose to accompany her all along the path. Struggling hard to adjust into the latest trend, ignorance by her agent Annabel (Brooke Smith) add to her mounting troubles. With changing times, as her agent prefers association with younger talents, their conversation depicts the harsh reality of show business.

While wandering around the streets of Los Angeles, as Mia ponders about the future and tries hard for work, her drunk encounters with ex-husband Liam take her towards more embarrassment and humiliation. Enjoying fame, limelight, work and fortune, as Liam appears to be at the center of action, it presents the sorry picture of elderly women in the industry. Lack of significant roles, besides absence of roadmap for future of actresses create several troubles for Mia. Over dependence on pills for a sane conduct and presence of a co-dependent mother Kathy (Melanie Griffith) tempt her towards frequent trips to the pawn shop. Juggling between her own troubles along with worries of her mother depict the real picture of Mia’s life.

Amidst troubles, worries, tensions and failures, as Mia decides to take charge of her life, the movie radiates hope and energy. Accepting the reality of changing times and changing concepts, as Mia aims to make good use of her talent, the movie succeeds in delivering a powerful message. As her own story inspires ideas for an interesting script, it depicts possibility of a new beginning.

‘Day out of Days’ has made excellent attempts to present few realities of the film industry. From influence of drugs to harsh reality of favoritism, from dependence on substances to impact of dirty politics, from selfish approach of people to powerful weightage of wealth over emotions, the movie has certainly done a wonderful job.

Realistic acting by Alexia Landeau brings the central character to life. Though the movie revolves around Mia’s life, involvement of powerful characters such as ex-husband Liam, mother Kathy, agent Annabel, and friend Phil (boasting about the need for Botox) add interesting shades to the plot of the movie. Mia’s accidental encounter with once-upon-a-time famous actress Ann Malone (Laurene Landon), strong decision to throw away dependence pills and emotional session with mother Kathy form some of the best moments of the movie. Though the movie could have ended on a more positive note with successful conclusion to Mia’s acting or writing; the makers chose to preserve shades of reality over elements of fictional fantasy.

Watch this movie for its simple yet novel storyline, wonderful acting, true insights into Hollywood and powerful script. Though this movie may not bring any significant changes to the industry, it surely succeeds in delivering a thought-provoking message.

On Digital HD and On Demand February 23rd.


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