Movie Review: ‘A Dark Song’ Is A Creepy, Suspenseful, Dark Ride Into The Occult

Review by Mark Merrell

Sophia Howard (Catherine Walker, Dark Touch, Leap Year, Patrick’s Day) is a single woman. She wants to rent a huge house in the countryside in Wales, and has been looking a while, hoping to find just the right one. With a very determined serious demeanor, she pays the realtor, Neil Hughes (Mark Huberman, Frank, Dark Touch, Noble, Boy Eats Girl) double just for the privacy. Sophia has apparently found exactly what she wants with this home. She meets a man at the rail station, Joseph Solomon (Steve Oram, The Canal, Sightseers, The World’s End).

Sophia wants to hire Joseph, but we aren’t sure just why. She shows him the home she has rented, and Joseph seems okay with it, even though he acts like a chromogen of sorts, grumpy, and moody. Joseph comes off as a man stuck in his ways. We find out that Sophia wants to have an, “Invocation,” where she hopes to summon someone that she says loved her and then left her.

Unimpressed with her reason, Joseph declines her offer to assist her to make this happen. He won’t listen to reason, so she takes him back to the station. As the clock ticks away, she final confesses to him that her young son was abducted and never found, and was presumed to be murdered. Joseph upon hearing this changes his mind and decides to help Sophia in her quest to talk one last time with her son, with the aid of summoning the occult to do so.

Written and directed by Liam Gaven (Sunshower, Jericho, Shooting Blanks) the movie is expertly crafted in its story, cinematography (Cathal Watters), acting, and character development. The creepy icing on this horror story is the music, aided with just the right amount of visual and special effects, it creates a seriously goose bump, nerve tingling cinematic soup du jour.

The movie continually puts character motivation in the room. Sophia seems reluctant to tell Joseph everything, and we never seem sure if Joseph is a con man, or the real item, keeping us all wondering what is going to happen next.

A very well done and entertaining movie, I definitely recommend seeing, A Dark Song.

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