Movie Review: ‘Crazed’

Review by Bluray Junkies

Crazed is about a drugged-fueled vigilante cop who goes war against the Luna Cartel who has reeked mayhem on his city and who killed his daughter and kidnapped his wife. While the story sounds promising, the movie is not. Written, directed by Kevin and Michael McCarthy and starring Kane Hodder from Friday The 13th fame and Kevin McCarthy.

It is evident that the McCarthy brothers aimed to make their own comic book movie in the likes of Sin City. A ruthless, and extremely brutal movie but the story falls flat as soon as the movie begins.

The low budget is felt heavily throughout the film with poorly executed scenes. Usually these kind of movies fall into the ‘so bad, its good’ category, but this is so bad, it’s just bad. Twenty minutes in felt like two hours, the movie feels overwhelmed by the poor acting, writing and direction that its an incoherent mess. Crazed misfires on all cylinders and not be recommended.

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