Movie Review: ‘Comfort’ Is Highly Recommended

Comfort is a fitting title for this new film. It has some tension and drama, but it is mostly a sweet heartwarming story of two people falling for each other over the course of two days. If you like to believe that “love at first sight” works, then Comfort will be an entertaining film for you. I loved it and highly recommend it.

Chris Dinh stars as Cameron, a man with a type of allergy that is possibly the origin of most vampire tales; he is allergic to the Sun. Because of that, he works nights as a courier in Los Angeles and has no real social life. That is, until one of his wealthiest customers, Martin (Kelvin Han Yee), asks Cameron to pick up his daughter from the airport.

Julie Zhan portrays Martin’s feisty daughter, Jasmine, who is only in Los Angeles for a brief layover before heading to Japan. Her intention is to meet up with her father, so she is reasonably disappointed and cautious of Cameron who shows up looking nothing like a professional driver might be expected to dress.

While Cameron seemed to like her from the moment Martin showed him her picture, Jasmine takes a bit to warm up to Cameron. However, when she can’t sleep in her father’s empty house (empty because her father is working late), she calls Cameron back and the two spend the rest of the night together exploring L.A. and getting to know each other.

This leads to one of the few things I didn’t like, Cameron gets so caught up in their good time that he agrees to watch the sunrise with Jasmine. I have never even been on a date, so to speak, but I’d like to think I wouldn’t risk my health within 12 hours of meeting a woman. But I digress. Luckily, Cameron has alarms set that snap him back to reality and he takes cover with some minor burns. Unfortunately, he does so by rudely, abruptly ending his night with Jasmine without a good explanation.

The movie doesn’t end there, but my discussion of the plot does (for the most part). Comfort is a near perfect movie. It is great for an easygoing feel good time. It shows how random meetings can effect lives for better or worse regardless of how long those lives interact and it is nice to see how things can work out when people take the time to talk instead of succumbing to anger or frustration.

There is some predictability; twice I said a line before the character on screen spoke. Daddy-daughter issues aren’t really new. But the characters do not always act the way you think they might and Cameron’s condition makes this an interesting and unique love story. Excellent acting and soothing music add to the perfection. I would even go so far as to say Comfort is one of the best romance movies I have seen in years.

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