Movie Review: ‘Cents’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

A young girl named Sammy Baca (Julia Flores) is a math genius and an outcast, who keeps getting in trouble at school. Her latest punishment is to count the money for a school penny drive. It is there she decides to work on her latest scam. Doing this penny drive also helps her to realize that there is nothing wrong with her having math skills and that they can help her get somewhere in life.

Along the way, her mother Angela Baca (Monique Candelaria) is a nurse giving her all to try to get into med school to give her daughter and herself a better life. Sammy is upset because she thinks it’s pointless for her mother to try to get into med school after getting rejected so many times and she didn’t like that her mother was never home.

Ms. Dyer (Esodie Geiger) is Sammy’s math teacher and tutor, who gives Sammy tough love and wants her to realize she can do better. Katie Schmidt (Lillie Kolich) is Sammy’s former friend, who skims money with Sammy, then gets blamed for it by herself due to the girl who started the penny drive becoming jealous. Hannah Evers (Jy Prishkulnik) is the jealous, popular girl causing trouble and Emily Foster (Claire Mackenzie Carter) is her lackey.

This movie is well shot and well written. It is a drama with an uplifting nature, but you should probably let your older children watch it and not your younger children. It’s great for adults, keeps your attention and gives you hope in the end. It follows a simple premise, but it’s nice to see from a different perspective. It’s such a feel good story and you won’t regret watching it.

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