Movie Review: ‘Can You Keep A Secret?’

If you need some funny moments of entertainment in your life, this movie can solve the purpose. ‘Can you keep a secret?’ is an entertainer from start to end. When a marketing employee in New York City (Emma) finds herself in a scary experience on flight, she ends up revealing all her secrets to the person next to her (Jack). Scared that the turbulent flight may end up killing her, she spills out some embarrassing details of her life.

While this involves her difficult professional life, a sad love story and everything that went against her till that point, she says everything with an aim to get it out. To her surprise when the flight lands safely and everything is same as before, she forgets about the experience. Things take an exciting turn when she ends up seeing the ‘secret receiving person’ Jack in the office. As a cofounder of the company, Jack is surprised to see Emma too. Embarrassed that she spilled out secrets of her life to the founder of the company, she is scared for her job. But everything is perfect, when Jack agrees to ignore everything and concentrates on his job as usual.

An interesting and funny story filled with embarrassing moments, the movie has a feel-good factor to its credit. But ironically, the only factor that keeps this movie entertaining ends up working against it when the story slows down towards the end. It starts with fun-filled fast-paced entertaining moments that transform into a usual love story like any other. Yet, it is a good light-hearted break for some fun. There are many wonderful characters that add the magic to the tale. In addition to Emma and Jack, Emma’s roommates and colleagues complete the picture.

Are secrets overrated or do they mean a lot? Can they make or break a relationship? Is it important to hide them or it does not matter at all? This tale attempts to answer them with a little story at the center. Each of the actors have done an incredible job to bring the tale to life.

Watch a unique tale based around secrets and the fun of keeping or not keeping them. Release September 13, 2019 in Theaters and VOD.

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