Movie Review: ‘Campus Code’

Review by Eric Cabrera

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Toy Story crossed paths with the Matrix and this movie was directed by M. Night Shyamalan? What you would get would be Campus Code. This movie falls flat on its blank face from the get go. It is hard to determine who the main protagonist of the movie is because it jumps from face to face. Ari, Izzy, Becca, Arun and Gretta you see them all but you don’t really attach yourself to any of them, due to lack of character development. For the entirety of the movie you know not what is going other than kids are partying, dating, fighting, and vanishing into thin air. It’s not till the last 10 minutes of the movie that Campus Code starts to make sense a little. But then the movie ends. With a teaser to a possible sequel, which might be better than the first. Which is odd, normally the first is good and the sequels fall short of the first, with the exception of a few movies. Overall this movie is not something I would recommend unless you’re trying to find something to fall asleep too.

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