Movie Review: ‘Call Me Brother’

Review by Lisa Payne

Tony (Andrew Diskmukes) and Lisa (Christina Parrish) are teenaged siblings who have been separated by divorce as younger children. Lisa lives with their mom and Tony lives with their dad, Frank (Asaf Ronen) and his wife, Doris (Dany Uribe).

Lisa goes to stay with her dad for the weekend. She and Tony sleep in the same room. It is clear through flashback that when they were little, they had only each other as company whist their parents verbally ripped each other to shreds.

During the weekend, they get reacquainted as sister and brother, not quite acknowledging their growing attraction to one another. Lisa and Tony pal around with his dumb friends and generally do nothing, but do it together.

There is a very incest-adjacent vibe between these two. Call Me Brother is both ordinary and extraordinary.

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