Movie Review: ‘Brothers Of The Wind’

A natural wonder laced with some breathtaking views, amazing effects and a simple tale, ‘Brothers of the wind’ brings the story of a young boy and a bird. As the central character named Lucas forms a bond with a young eagle fallen from its nest, he takes care of the tiny bird at every step along the way. An unusual relationship between a bird and a boy, this tale celebrates the essence of care and affection. When filled with love for the tiny creature as Lucas ensures utmost care of the bird, it comes across as a wonderful story.

Narrated by a forester played by Jean Reno, his strong voice imparts an impressive shade to the tale. The entire experience resembles a wonderful natural play performed on the stage of Mother Nature. Every scene is filled with awe and beauty as the birds, mountains, wildlife and nature paint a spectacular picture. The deep form of friendship between the bird and Lucas is a fresh story that truly entertains. With mesmerizing views of the Austrian mountain ranges, the story blends perfectly. Lucas’s connection with the eagle is stronger and deeper as he relates to his own struggles at home. With a desire to be matured and free, as Lucas seeks his purpose in life, he trains the bird for his own independent flight.

The efforts to be responsible, independent and ambitious takes Lucas on his own journey, while he partners with a beautiful bird along. The movie stands for determination, courage, confidence and trust. Without losing any faith in their own power, Lucas continues to dream big. Though the eagle struggles to take his first step, Lucas empowers him at every step. He trusts in their strong friendship and believes that everything is possible.

It comes across as a welcoming change from the power packed movies of today. Set in the golden years of 1960s, it revolves around a much quieter and peaceful ambiance. From a demanding father who forces him to work all day, Lucas must find his identity to stand for himself. Unknowingly as the eagle helps him in his journey, the two find themselves. With a nice background music, the tale appears engaging, entertaining and magical.

Together they fight their enemies, while taking care of each other. Powerful narration and amazing depiction score as the highlights of this powerful magical story of life, growth, maturity, and friendship. When he gets an opportunity to assist the forester, Lucas learns a lot about birds and finds it easy to help his eagle eat, fly and enjoy the freedom of life.

With an excellent pace that runs from the start to end, this movie is entertaining for the audience. The entire show appears like an engaging episode from a nature channel. Watch the celebration of a novel bond because life and nature has lots to offer.

The film will be released in the US in theaters and on VOD June 19th.

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