Movie Review: ‘Bound To Vengeance’ Beware The Rampaging Woman

Greetings again from the darkness. In the 1980’s this could have been the second film of a drive-in theater double feature. In the 1990’s, Richard Tyson could have been cast as the bad guy. Well, it’s 2015 and one of those things has happened anyway. It’s a low-budget direct-to-video thriller that would easily fit in with the numerous ‘hot girl kidnapped’ movies over the years – except for one very welcome change: this girl rampages like Charles Bronson.

Tina Ivlev plays Eve, a girl chained in the basement of a house and held hostage by Richard Tyson’s Phil. One evening, Eve greets Phil with a brick upside the head, and just like that, the tables are turned … Eve takes off on a combined mission of revenge and rescue. See, Phil has been the leader of a group of kidnappers and sex traffickers, and Eve wants to track down the others and set them free.

The movie starts with some joyous smart phone video footage of Eve, her apparent boyfriend and another girl whose identity is not discovered until late in the story. This footage is interspersed throughout the film as Eve makes her way between the various locations. It’s an interesting touch by director JM Cravioto and adds complexity to what could have been a straightforward movie featuring Eve’s journey.
We have seen Beatrix Kiddo and her mission of revenge in the Kill Bill movies, but of course, it’s more common to see the victimized girl being rescued by a strong and do-goody man. That man doesn’t exist in this world. It’s all up to Eve, whose sword play may be non-existent, but her desire to kick ass is as strong as any other on screen character, including The Bride.

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