Movie Review: ‘Bonnville Redemption’ Is A Simple, Yet Powerful Story

Revolving around the good, old times of the early 1900s, Boonville Redemption is a movie based in Boonville town of California. A tale about relations, truth, faith, love and justice, this movie explores the life of a thirteen year old girl Melinda (Emily Hoffman). Born out of a wedlock, Melinda experiences several troubles since childhood. Though her mother Alice (Shari Rigby) supports her daughter in every way, Melinda suffers from several hardships by her step-father. Slated to release on 8th November, 2016, ‘Boonville redemption’ is a perfect story for the entire family. By touching delicate subjects of love and faith, this movie demonstrates the power of truth.

Though power and money speak their cruel language in several incidences, the story depicts the weightage of truth. It leaves a wonderful message about honesty and love. As the movie is based in the year 1906, it makes good use of olden landscape and town set-up. By involving simple characters, the story appears totally believable in every way. Each of the actors have brought their best talent on the table, converting the movie into an entertainment piece. With aid of powerful dialogues and simple plot, it forms an instant connection with the audience.

The movie revolves around Melinda’s struggle to be accepted. Secrets about her real father trouble her to a great extent, as she hopes to seek the answers. Under the power of her cruel step-father Maddox (Richard Tyson), Melinda experiences sorrow and rejection. Maddox dominates the entire town with his richness and wealth. His superiority troubles the people in town, as he makes use of incorrect means quite often. Supportive relationship between Melinda and her little brother Zack (Callder Griffith) is one of the best highlights of the movie, as the two stay together along ever hardship.

Though Melinda toils to find her real father, she is unable to reach the truth. When her grandmother’s sudden illness forces Melinda to stay with her, she experiences new found love. By talking to her grandmother, Melinda learns several secrets about the family, while hoping to find her real father. Bond of affection between Melinda and her grandmother ‘Mary’ adds colors to the story, while Melinda learns a new language named ‘Bootling’. Though Melinda loves this new life, where she makes a new friend William, her grandmother’s demise forces her to return back home.

Several series of unexpected events unfold their course, as Maddox is exposed in the town. While he made use of his power and money along several situations in the past, his hidden secrets resurface in the open. Inspiring the town with her bravery and using the knowledge of Bootling language, as Melinda hopes to find the truth, she walks over the path of honesty. As people draw inspiration from her conduct, they join her in the battle of truth. Slowly as the town realize their past mistakes, it changes their attitude in every way.

With simple story, yet powerful impact, the story manages to entertain and teach. It revolves around the need to be humble, honest, loving and truthful. Though powerful men can dominate with their wealth, it is all recorded under the banner of justice.

Boonville Redemption Coming to DVD and VOD on 11/8.

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