Movie Review: ‘The Blue Room’ Is The Perfect Mystery Film

Review By Monique Thompson

Julien Gahyde, imprisoned and interrogated in connection with the criminal investigation of the suspicious death of his wife Delphine, recalls his brief adulterous relationship with Esther Despierre, a childhood friend.

The Blue Room is a French drama filled with the perfect balance of steamy intimate moments and crime. In the opening scene, Julien and Esther’s rumble in the hay is cut short when Esther’s husband shows up unexpectedly. Without giving away too much, paying attention to the opening scene is very crucial to the development of the main plot twist. Throughout the film, the story jumps back and forth between Julien and Esther’s steamy affair and the criminal investigation into what actually happened to Julien’s wife Delphine. The perfect mystery film, The Blue Room is almost like a Fatal Attraction meets Unfaithful. What you initially think will happen is probably going to be much different that what is actually revealed as this unpredictable escapade between the two lovers result in a pretty surprise ending.

Playing in select cities now.

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