Movie Review: ‘Blood Brothers’

Review by Cade

If you were one of the many fans of the cult classic American Psycho, you will definitely enjoy Jose Prendes’ Blood Brothers. Charles (Graham Denman) and Thomas (Jon Kondelik) are two psychopathic brothers with a bed-ridden alcoholic mother, whose terrifying crime sprees seem left unchecked until one psychic detective takes their case. Admittedly, the detective’s pursuit of the brothers plays a rather small role in the plot, but nevertheless, Blood Brothers is extremely creepy. The first scene was compellingly suspenseful. It features the torture of a drug addict, and is the perfect introduction to the witty dialogue and suspense that stays constant throughout the rest of the film. The plot really kicks off as the two meet Genevieve (Hannah Levien), a waitress who catches their interest and they decide to murder.

For the beginning of Blood Brothers, I was drawn immediately to the apparent power struggle between Charles and Thomas, and expected these roles to remain static for the entirety of the film. Instead, I witnessed the transference and dynamism of the brothers, which was for the most part very unpredictable yet gradual.

Blood Brothers was beautifully shot, with the soundtrack being well composed and paced. It was also evident that Prendes drew inspiration from some iconic psychopaths in cinema to inspire Thomas and Charles. The gore and nudity can get intense at times, but they don’t compare to the general sense of dread watching these characters evokes.

Something striking and unique about the film was the fantasies the brothers had- they seem to be impulsive and sporadic- just like the behavior of the brothers themselves. Watching their desires unfold in their minds, just to be brought back to reality, added to the suspense and perfectly conveyed how unstable the antiheroes of the movie are. Some may be deterred by the seemingly shallow storyline, but they should reconsider the superb acting and driven cast throughout. Deep themes such as insanity and familial bonds are explored, but the conclusions to be drawn are really left to the viewer.

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