Movie Review: ‘Blindsided’

Review by Wesley Collins

I feel giddy when I watch a film where its name so accurately fits. I was absolutely blindsided while watching this film. Many of the characters in the film were also blindsided in many ways throughout the movie. There is considerable change and movement for a film so centered in one place, as the movie takes place within the confines of a log cabin. I’m completely smitten with Blindsided. I loved everything about it. It’s suspenseful, quirky, funny, dark, silly and real. Each character is in their early 20’s and their individual plights make them really relatable.

The main character is a blind girl named Sloan with a billion dollar smile and an even cooler outlook on life. Sloan tries to be independent all while her father is overbearing and overprotective. Sloan’s father is called away one chilly weekend and a world wind of unforeseen terroristic events befalls her and two childhood friends. They are blindsided! Totally unaware that they’re just pawns in a sinister plot to damage Sloan for life due to her fathers past. All they can do at this point is survive. The question is, will they?

I often say that simple, steady and direct are the ingredients to a great film and Blindsided has all three. Nothing is forced, the setting is appropriate and each character compliments the next very well. Blindsided is a pleasantly terrifying film that I’m sure those who watch will fall in love with.

Blindsided on DVD and Digital August 13, 2019.

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